Biometric solutions are easier and more secure system for authentication. There’s much more companies using biometrics for access control and attendance, leaving behind card authentication. The printing industry is still using RFID cards as standard for authentication, because biometric solutions are expensive and very hard to install... ID ONE TOUCH READER, is the new biometric solution for the printing industry. It’s easy to install, with a low maintenance, and it’s simple for the user.
Document security is very important to the organizations. There’s much more companies investing in document security. How can you secure the document printing in your company? ID ONE TOUCH READER, is today the best solution in the printing market to release your documents with the maximum security. The experience to the user is simple and easy, to print their documents. ID cards can be stolen or give in, but not a finger, If a user send a print job, and he want to release it, this can only be done by him.

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ID One Touch Reader is an incredibly low-cost biometric reader and easy to install. It’s a solution for organizations who wishes to incorporate secure biometric identification on their multi-function devices. ID One Touch have a self-registration process that allow the users to register themselves the fingerprints. Without the need to have a central registration process (HR), the solution can be used immediately after the reader is installed.

Step1 - Plug IDOneTouch into MFP

Just plug the ID One Touch Reader USB cable into the printer, like a USB RFID card reader.

Step2 - Register Fingerprint

Press the button on the ID One Touch Reader, and follow the instructions on the LCD screen.

Step3 - Associate to user account

Associate the fingerprint code to your print management account, and it's done! Use your finger to unlock the printer!

Compact Design

IDOneTouch Reader have a compact design, even smaller that some RFID Card readers. With 85x53x12 mm (3.34x2.08x0.47 inch) allow the installation on all multi-function devices.

Easy to Install

The reader doesn't need to be connected to the Ethernet or external, just plug into the USB interface on the multi-function device and is ready to use.

LCD Display

With a graphic display with 128x64px, allow an easy interface with the user. The text messages on the display can be personalized, and support local languages.

Animated Graphics

The Reader display has animations for a better user experience. This animation makes easier to understand the user of the reader, and the results of a fingerprint scan.

Auto Registration & WiFi Deploy

The reader's button allow the user to register himself his fingerprint. After a successful registration, the user can use his finger to unlock the device. With the WiFi readers, the user's finger will be automatically deployed to all the other readers.

Easy to Use

IDOneTouch reader was designed to simplify the user's experience, which need low support or maintenance. 

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CCTEC is a printing software solution provider, working as PaperCut Authorized Solution Center since 2015. We have a large experience on system development, including biometric solutions for more than 15 years. Bringing this knowledge together, this allowed us to develop a unique biometric solution for this sector.

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